Ball speed and control

We witness world-class players dribble the ball around the pitch like it’s on a string. They break ankles by dribbling past defenders. How does one learn to do masterful footwork? These drills and advice will help you improve your footwork and ball control.

1. Dribbling in Tight Spaces:

In a front-court attack, controlling the ball in tight places with a defender approaching is common. This is something you can do outside of the game as well. Set up a drill with four cones at 5 yards apart in a box form. With your teammate, stand inside the box. While your partner tries to steal the ball, dribble for the specified length of time. Switch offensive and defense if your buddy takes it. This workout will help you control the ball in tight places.

2. Passing Through Tight Spaces:

Add a pass to what you’ve learned from the confined space dribbling practice. In an aggressive attack, a defender will quickly close in on you. You must recognize where you need to dribble and deliver a short pass to an open teammate in a split second. Four offensive players and three defensive players are required. The current box will be expanded. Practice holding the ball for one dribble as a defender closes in and then making a fast pass to a teammate. Count the number of keys you make before the defenders get the ball. Switch a player from offensive to defense once they have the ball.