Soccer Tips

In soccer, keeping possession of the ball is one of the most crucial qualities a team can have. This aids in the breakdown of defenses, creating scoring opportunities and scoring goals. On the other hand, maintaining possession might be difficult when you’re receiving and turning the ball with a defender in your face.

Randy Waldrum, the Division I Women’s Head Soccer Coach, gives three methods for mastering turning and receiving the initial touch under pressure.


The defender may apply pressure to your shoulder as you are receiving the ball. You’ll want to shift the ball in front of your body to counteract this. As a result, you’ll be forced to use your body as a shield to protect the ball from the defender. Using your body as a screen can help guarantee that the ball is turned in the direction you want it to go, reducing the possibility of it being given away.


Another option suggested by Waldrum is to employ a “self-pass.” You’ll want to return the ball to the space from which it was received after receiving it. This can aid in your separation from the defender. Once you’ve recovered your self-pass, spin your body and strike the defender using the freshly created space.


The outside of your foot is the third way to accept and turn. This strategy, according to Waldrum, works better because it contains more deception.

“It’s a difficult trait to manage, but it’s an effective activity,” he says.

Because you can rapidly flip the ball with the outside of your foot once the pressure is applied to your shoulder, using the outside of your foot can prove to be successful. This may provide an easy way to getaway.

“You can spin off or roll off your defender,” Waldrum explains, “much like a center in basketball would roll off the person covering them.”

Always be aware of your surroundings on the field to determine which style of turn will be most beneficial to you. Turning and receiving successfully can assist you in being on the receiving end of a win.