I purchased a soccer kit from the UK Soccer Shop recently and was both annoyed and enraged after the item arrived. But it’s not their fault.

When I was a boy I was nuts about Nottingham Forest and wanted nothing more than a Notts Forest footy kit for my ninth birthday. I’ve never been very good at soccer or any other sports for that matter, but in my mind, if I were to wear my favorite team’s red and white stripe embellished with their distinctive tree logo, I would be a footballer immediately!

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Imagine my disappointment when I received a red soccer jersey and white shorts without the distinctive logo covering my heart.

If I had to review my parents trying to buy me a Nottingham Forest soccer strap it wouldn’t be very beneficial … but I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brother who still moans because he never got what he wanted on his ninth birthday so I’ll leave my parents off of that . However, I did buy myself a Nottingham Forest Football Kit for my 39th birthday, during which time the team that won two European Cups was relegated to some unknown division. But that is not the point.

I ordered my official Nottingham Forest football strap from UK Soccershop with my age, 39 on the back and as a tribute to my favorite player from their glory days, ‘Anderson’ placed above it. It was only after placing my order that I noticed a less than favorable UK Soccer Shop review and naturally I started to worry.

After reading more and more UK Soccer Shop reviews I realized that they were a very mixed bag, although I was still worried that the soccer strap I wanted for 30 years couldn’t arrive as ordered. One thing about positive and negative feedback is people prefer a good groan than anything else. If you don’t believe me … read the first two paragraphs again!

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With that being said, expect more negative than positive reviews as I have been completely satisfied with the many online stores but never felt compelled to say so. If all the happy customers had a voice as loud as those who are dissatisfied, I am sure that the negative reviews of soccershop uk will be a small minority of all positive opinions.

My Nottingham Forest kit arrived exactly as I ordered it and I have no complaints about the product or service. I was a bit annoyed that while wearing the official kit that my soccer skills were worse than ever and my young “crazy soccer” nephew hadn’t even heard of Nottingham Forest it left me almost enraged, but that’s not something I would write in my UK Soccer Shop review.